Pyari Maa Foundation : An NGO assisting neglected widows in need

Pyari Maa Foundation : An NGO assisting neglected widows in need

Pyari Maa Foundation: We all have cravings for a person in our life whom we expect to be our side forever. Our expectations are always high with that person. Additionally, we feel blessed when we have someone to support us and stand for us in our good and bad times. On the other side, when we find that we are lonely, and nobody is there to take our stand, it hurts and makes us weak at the same time. To support such neglected widows, Pyari Maa Foundation came into the picture. Our society has never given respect to widows. Either they have been left on the streets to beg, or they have been suffering from mental trauma by family members and ill-minded people of society. In other words, widows never get respect in this male-dominated society.

Pyari Maa Foundation works with a vision in mind to assist the abandoned women of society. Also, the organization is consistently working in the directions of changing the lives of helpless women. However, their goal is still far away, but hopefully, with their positive approach, they will achieve that very soon. Firstly, they provide them food without which survival will be at stake. Besides this, they assist the widows with cloth distribution in Vrindavan rural areas.

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Emotional Support

As widows need emotional support after a point of time in their life, they all become helping hand for each other. Also, sharing of emotions is high when many women stay together. Pyari Maa Foundation works in collaboration with Elder Care homes to support the needy women in Vrindavan with the facilities of living a healthy life. Above all, Pyari Maa Foundation organises medical camps in the local areas of Vrindavan. Moreover, you can see a good number of people there for the medical check-up. Also, they get medicines free of cost. 

I hope more people will take inspiration from Pyari Maa Foundation and start helping abandoned women for their joyous life.

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